About Us

Law Office
Can & Partners Law Office, is founded in 1993 in Izmir . The Firm is in touch with National and International Law Offices and has professional cooperation with foreign law offices in mostly European Countries. Can & Partners Law Office provides consultancy, litigation and project development services and solutions to its clients in all the relevant areas mentioned below.
Modern Office equipments and professional software and data banks enable to reach all kind of related regulations and court decrees in both countries at anytime; and able to transfer current regulations and court decrees rapidly to its clients and institutions which are taking consultancy services from Can & Partners .
Team members, regularly participate seminars courses and conferences related to professional development both in Turkey and abroad in order to benefit its clients from actual laws, regulations and court decrees.
Can & Partners provides its services in Turkish, German, English and Italian languages.
The team constantly strives to provide creative and high quality legal services at international standards using unique innovative, tailor made solutions and business approach. To this end, Can & Partner takes the full advantage and support of esteemed academicians. Consequently it has become the law firm of choice for clients seeking innovative and professional solutions.

Working Principles of Can & Partners Law Office
• Providing reliable, loyal and highly professional services on time for matters require proactive solutions as well as ones requiring immediate solutions .
• Confirming the compliance in all legal areas,
• Well coordinated and continuous corporation to enable necessary information flow for best designed tailor made solutions,
• As Can & Partner considers its clients as business partners, diligent and regular status reporting for each matter is essential.
• Providing information flow on current and modified legislation in the related business areas.
• Tailor made professional solutions supported by experts also from different disciplines if necessary.

Our Values
• The client always comes first
• An effective and rapid response to the client
• The highest professional standard
• To provide fast pragmatic solutions
• To use an objective approach
• A systematic analysis
• Create a mutual bond of trust
• Complete teamwork
• Total confidentiality

Scope Of Legal Services
• Corporate and Commercial Law
• Foreign Direct Investment
• Commercial Litigation
• Unfair Competition
• Intellectual Property/Copyrights
• Trademarks
• Real Estate Law
• Labour Law
• Bankruptcy Law

Our clients are companies from the EU as well as local companies
We advise national and international companies on key areas of Turkish law. We also represent clients needing our legal support. If a case results in a trial, we work together with the client every step of the way, outlining the available options at each important juncture. Our services are transparent, we always give a clearly itemised time sheet detailing chargeable hours. We are happy to work with you on a case by case basis or we can arrange a retainer agreement for our consultancy services.

References of Can & Partners Law Office:
• Izmir German General Consulate
• İstanbul German– Turkish Chamber of Commerce an Industry
• Izmir Italian Chamber of Commerce

General Power of Attorney Conditions
For visitors to the web site there isn´t any relationship between the client and attorney. After the first consultation with the future client, where we discuss the fees and power of attorney conditions, we always represent the interests of the client.
The clients can always communicate with the Attorneys in charge of the case. We promptly update our clients on what is happening in their case.

Power of Attorney
To be able to proceed according to the needs of our client in a legal way, we depend on the power of attorney given to us by the client.
You can use and download examples of power of attorney agreements below. We can send you the power of attorney agreements on request. The power of attorney given outside Turkey are only valid with the assent of a Notary Public and Apostil made under the terms of Hague Convention, 1961.
• General Power Of Attorney
• Power Of Attorney for Trademarks

Our Fees
We find it very important to put a transparent fee into practice in order to work for a long time in a productive way. We discuss the fees with the client at the first meeting.
Information given by telephone or non-approved written information are not included in the fees. We evaluate the fee level based on the merit of the case, the time it will take and its complexity.
It is in the interest of the client to bill for the hours actually worked. For special cases it is possible to charge a fixed fee based on the estimated time that will be spent.
For this we need to determine the time to be spent on the case.
If the client wants to have a continuous consultation service from us we advise entering into a consultation contract. In this case we do not charge for the time spent in the client’s service.
Unless any other code in the Turkish Legislation determines the fees of the services on a minimum wage basis, the aggrement will be implimented.