Akdeniz Conflict Resolution Center

The founders of the Mediterranean Dispute Resolution Center have determined the name of the center as the Mediterranean, inspired by the goodness, abundance, civilization, beauty and clarity of the Mediterranean. As Fischer Halikarnas said very nicely, “Yes! People. There is no dispute that cannot be resolved, as long as the parties want it. ”

Inspired by these words, consultancy service for people or institutions, which started with the AKDENİZ DISPUTE RESOLUTION SOLUTION CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING SERVICES TRADE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, which plays an active role in managing the process personally and regardless of which method is preferred, is a neutral, independent and competent institution that also provides or provides representation service in the process.

Only Turkey is not at Global Mediators who received training by international mediators from the network and with international accreditation, our mediator can provide service in English and German languages, international legal optimal solution When handing over the process to the parties in conflict, based on many years of experience and can manage through training.

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