Civil Law

• We provide care, meticulous representation, follow-up and earnings in all cases of our clients in civil law.

• Our lawyers, who are especially experienced in the field of Family, Inheritance and Property Law, correctly identify and / or defend their clients before the court within the framework of their current legal rights.

• In the field of Obligations Law, Can & Partner lawyers legally represent the obligations of the creditor and the debtor to each other within the framework of the agreement, which legally addresses the debt relationship between the parties and limits / determines the rights of both parties.

• Also, as Can & Partner, since the establishment of the bureau in 1993, contracts with local and foreign elements have been prepared and arranged for 27 years, and the changes are informed when necessary according to the suitability of the client.

• The services of our lawyers in German and English languages, contracts are prepared without the need for an interpreter, and the interests of the clients are always taken into consideration.

• Can & Partner, who is very experienced in the execution of domestic and foreign contracts and in case follow-up, when necessary, becomes an expert in this field with many years of experience.