International Private Law

• As Can & Partner Law Firm, although we have advanced German and English languages, we do not only advise our foreign clients about Turkish Law, especially through our connections in Germany and the trainings received there.

• Although our lawyers are quite knowledgeable in the field of German law, our clients can be well equipped and share information in detail, and our Turkish clients and law system can be easily explained to our German clients compared to German law.

• In the same way, Turkish clients can be consulted with their international legal knowledge, in accordance with their rights and interests, in their international disputes.

• Commercial partnership, etc. Can & Partner lawyers represent your company in cases where internal legal entities go beyond the boundaries of their own states and fall under the jurisdiction of more than one state.

• Our lawyers, who are also interested in citizenship law and foreigners law, support your transactions not only in legal disputes but also in the Federal Consulate General of Germany.

• With our connections in the German - Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, many international disputes have taken place, and our lawyers, who are highly experienced in the international commercial area, act in the interests of your company.