Seren Çimen

Attorney at Law


Izmir Bar Association, Registration No. 14571

Seren Çimen was born in Frankfurt / Main in 1993, where she received her primary, secondary and high school education in the city where he was born, at the Albrecht-Dürer-School, Georg-August-Zinn-School and Max-Beckmann-School.

After graduating from high school in Ankara, at the Gazi University Faculty of Law in 2017, she works as a lawyer at Can & Partner Law Office.

Having worked as an assistant in the field of Obligations Law, Property Law and Health Law during the university period, Çimen organized international law symposiums held especially with German-speaking countries during her assistantship period.

Next to her registration at the list of lawyers from the Consulate General of Federal Republic of Germany, Seren Çimen is also a registered notary at the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Justice. In addition to working as a lawyer, she also actively works as a German translator at the Izmir Court.

Since 2018, she studies German Economic Law at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and specializes in this field.

Providing services especially in the field of national and international Commercial and Economic Law, Çimen also displays an active work in the field of Civil Law.

Foreign Languages: German, English, French