Who and How Does It Meet Its Costs?

Mediation costs are covered by the parties as a rule. However, by deciding, the parties can determine the coverage rates of costs differently and sign them in the initial report. If the transactions to be made by the mediators require, it may also request an advance payment. The mediator fee that can be freely determined between the parties cannot be below the minimum wage tariff published by the Ministry (http://www.adb.adalet.gov.tr/Sayfalar/mevzuat/tarife.html). If a fee has not been decided at the beginning of the process, this minimum wage tariff will be valid and the fee will be calculated equally to the mediator by calculating the wage according to the tariff at the date of the process.

Is it cheaper than costs for courts?

Instead of paying the courts filling fee in most of the cases based on quantification of the Case. In private mediation, parties just need to bear the cost. It is believed that mediation will be a way of cutting the cost for parties. Unless determined otherwise by agreement between the parties and the mediatior, fees arge determined on the basis of minimum fee Tarif.