Business & Commerce
Business law in its broadest sense is the core of Companies’ activities. Our clients know that they can count on us to be accessible and prompt in responding to their needs and to put the full resources of Can & Partner at their disposal when necessary.

Some areas of commercial law we work in;
• The Purchase, Lease, and Distribution of Goods
• Secured Transactions and Negotiable Instruments
• Consumer Credit: Debtor and Creditor Laws
• The Formation and Management of Commercial Entities

Private Companies

• Setting up a Company
Whether you set up as a sole trader, limited liability company, partnership or limited liability partnership, there are certain documents which you are legally obliged to make public. We can guide you through this often confusing process.
• Tax & National Insurance
• Insurance and Banking
• Registering a Limited Company Name
• Other Considerations

Labour Law
We can provide advice to employers on matters ranging from the hiring of senior managers and staff, to the negotiation of collective agreements with trade unions and employee associations.

These are our areas of focus:
• Labour Law.
• Employment Law.
• Privacy Law.
• Human Rights, Accommodation and Equal Pay.
• Occupational Health and Safety.
• Workplace Safety and Insurance.
• Employment Litigation.

Intellectual Property
We provide a full range of services in these fields;
• Registration and prosecution of patents
• Trademarks
• Industrial designs worldwide
• Copyrights
• Drafting of IP transactions,
• Enforcement of IP rights
• General IP litigation
• Public Domain

Real Estate
• The Turkish real estate industry is vibrant and fast paced.
• That presents significant challenges arising from increasing competition, changing business conditions and heightened investor and tenant expectations.
• Meeting these challenges requires legal counsel with in-depth real estate industry knowledge.
• We provide a wide range of real estate activities, such as:
• Real estate investment trusts,
• Real estate subdivision and servicing
• Infrastructure projects
• Mortgage securitizations
• Security enforcement
• Workouts and restructurings
• Leasing

• We have some associates in the tax application area who are Co-owners and Certified Public Accountants.
• The Firms are Members of International Worldwide Associates.

• At Can & Partner, we offer each client effective and innovative approaches for their family law needs, including alternative dispute resolutions.
• We understand that people are entrusting themselves to us during a very difficult time in their lives.
• Whether facing divorce, separation, child custody hearings, support issues or any other family law matter, you need the team of professionals at Can & Partner. We understand your situation, answer your questions honestly and protect your rights.

• We have represented national and international clients in difficult and complex commercial disputes of every kind, in virtually every major court in Turkey.
• We explore all methods of dispute resolution to achieve our clients´ objectives, and litigate on their behalf when appropriate.
• With the firm´s breadth of expertise and experience, and its national and international presence, it is well suited to effectively manage complex litigation for all of our clients.