Online Mediation

Online Mediation

Globalization enables companies and people worldwide to network on an economic basis. This can lead to legal disagreements that can be resolved using mediation. Spatial problems arise on an international basis, which we as AKDENIZ Dispute Resolution Center eliminate with the help of ONLINE MEDIATION.

This is supported by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) with certified mediators in e-mediation using the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) platform, and the IMI-accredited mediators of the Akdeniz Dispute Resolution Center immediately meet the IMI criteria for e-mediation.
These criteria include in particular compliance with the ubiquitous principles of mediation; such as. Voluntariness, privacy, security, confidentiality etc. IMI places particular emphasis on methodology, transparency, integrity, ongoing monitoring of the program and diversity.

Experience in the field of e-mediation is determined as a further criterion. In the past 2-3 years, min. 20 e-mediations have been completed. Accordingly, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of e-mediation play an important role.

With online mediation, international disputes can be easily settled online by the internationally accredited mediators of the Akdeniz Dispute Resolution Center.

As a bonus: Commercial disputes that have a Turkish legal dimension can be enforced without any judicial judgment, since the Turkish Republic has signed the Singapore Agreement for international mediation contracts.

Visit our Akdeniz Dispute Resolution Center’s online mediation website and learn more!

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