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Can & Partner Law and Mediation Office offers a chance to become a trainer specifically authorized for mediators. After completion of our program with success, candidates become mediator trainers.

A) Methodology and criteria for determining that Applicants for the program have a substantial level of experience as a mediator:

  1. Applicants are required to be official mediators registered with the Mediation Department operating under General Directorate of Legal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice.
  2. Applicants are required to provide documentation that they have carried out minimum of 200 hours or 20 cases of mediation. The documentation can be an excerpt from the official mediation system of the Ministry of Justice.
  3. Applicants are required to provide documents demonstrating that they have:
    1. Completed the Basic Mediation Training carried out by training institutions authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Justice
    2. Completed an advanced mediation training of at least 24 hours given by an officially recognized mediator training institute
    3. Continued professional development in mediation through lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, conferences etc. on ADR.

B) Methodology and criteria for determining that Applicants have demonstrated a strong understanding of general mediation theory and practice:

The applicants’ understanding of mediation theory and practice is determined via written and oral exams, and practical demonstrations as role-playing on subjects such as:

  • Turkish Mediation Law
  • Internationally accepted mediation theories and models
  • Communications techniques
  • Dispute resolution techniques
  • Ethics and professional standards

C) Methodology and criteria for the evaluation of candidates’ performance in terms of the occurrence and effectiveness of mediation process and mediation techniques:

Candidates are required to take part in two role-playing exercises (mediation sessions) based on different scenarios covering many areas of law such as labor law and commercial law. Evaluations are made by two assessors based on the criteria below:

  • Preliminary preparations for the meeting, introduction speech and the initial reaction the
    candidates receive
  • Understanding of the parties’ positions and claims, and identifying the frame of the
  • Ability to empathize with the parties, applying the right question types to appropriate
    situations, active listening skills and remaining impartial
  • Ability to identify potential conflicts and future risks
  • Creating different options for the conflict to be resolved and putting those options to
    reality test for the parties
  • Assisting parties in reaching an agreement on the basis of mutual benefit, considering the
    gains and losses of both parties

D) Passing criteria for the candidates:

Candidates are required to have satisfactory grades on all four of our assessment components:

  1. Oral exams
  2. Written exams
  3. Role-play exercises
  4. Self-reflection

E) Results of the assessment:

If a participant fails the assessment they will have the option to appeal with form provided to them with the results of the assessment. If the appeal is fruitless or the participant doesn’t appeal, they are required to apply again from the beginning.

F) Criteria applied in appointing our QAP’s Assessors:

Our QAP assessment process is carried out by the head trainer for our program and an independent assessor. The independent assessor is required to:

  • be a mediator registered to the Ministry of Justice
  • be an IMI accredited mediator
  • have mediation experience of at least 400 hours
  • have a substantial training, coaching or mentoring experience

G) Monitoring of the assessors:

Assessors will often be monitored by independent observers (experienced IMI certified mediators) during the lectures, exams and role-playing sessions. We will also hold annual tests on teaching and assessing methods for our assessors.

Additionally, regular meetings will be held with the assessors to keep our QAP to high standards. We also welcome observers from IMI.

H) Participation in our QAP:

Our QAP welcomes experienced mediators regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any and all personal characteristics. We are devoted to creating a diverse organization supporting people of every culture.